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Who You Gonna Call? Tom Haverford!

It's been a while since there has been any word about "Ghostbusters 3".

Rumored for nearly 20 years, the project was said to be back on in 2009 with Sony fast-tracking the film for a Christmas 2012 release. All of the original main cast (Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver) had signed on to return along with director Ivan Reitman. Bull Murray was long thought to be the lone holdout keeping the production in limbo.

GC's Review of Fright Night (2011)

Plot: Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is an ordinary teenager living an ordinary life. He has a weird friend named Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a hot girlfriend (Imogen Poots), and, oh yeah..a neighbor named Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) who when he's not hitting on his mom (Toni Colette), becomes a vampire at night. After his mom and girlfriend dismiss his accusations, Charley goes to the one man who can help: magician/vampire killer Peter Vincent (David Tennant). Can they get rid of this 400 year old menace forever?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brian DePalma To Direct His First Film In 4 Years

Brian DePalma has had the definition of a rollar coaster career. While he definetely has had some bigtime highs ("The Untouchables" and "Carrie"), he has also had some pretty low lows ("Bonfire Of The Vanities" and "Raising Cain"). Four years removed from his last disaster, 2007's "The Black Dahlia," DePalma is ready to give it another go. Only this time, he's working with a plot that makes his 1996 version of "Mission Impossible" look as easy to follow as the 1980s cartoon He-Man.

Jim Carrey as the voice of Popeye?

Source: First Showing

Movie Rumor Scoop: After last month's "The Smurfs" became the hit film that it did, you could just sense that executives had something else that had to do with our childhood animated favorites up their sleeves. Sure enough, as we reported soon afterward, "Popeye" was given the green light to get the 3D animation treatment from Sony Pictures Animation, who had a pretty well received animated hit with 2009's "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs." But then the real questions started. Like: who would voice the strong-cause-he-eats-his-spinach sailor man and his pursuit of happiness Olive Oyl?

Take this as only a rumor at this point, but pretty reliable film site First Showing is reporting that the two roles have been filled. Popeye is said to be voiced by none other than Jim Carrey, while Amy Adams gets to voice skinny apple of Popeye's eye Olive Oyl. I think these are two pretty solid choices if you ask me. We all know Carrey has a wide range of vocal talents that have just had their surfaces touched on by those who have not seen his old crazy stand-up act. And Adams (who has had quite a remarkable two year run of work) has a voice that echoes sweetness. That is, if you not count her role in last year's "The Fighter." As of now, no director is attached, but the script is being written by relative newcomer Mike Jones. Can "Popeye" have the same impact on the box office as his little blue cartoon counterparts?

Note: So who gets to voice Bluto and Sweet Pea?

Sarah Silverman Is Coming Back To TV. But Are Networks Ready For Her Brand Of Humor?

Source: Forces Of Geek

Apparently, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Sarah Silverman, the sharp tongue female comedian who isn't afraid to joke about ANYTHING, has been pitching an idea for a new television show to major networks ABC, NBC, and Fox, all of whom are interested and offering commitments. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are helping pitch the show, because they are executive producing. Only CBS has not heard the pitch.

The still untitled show will be similar to Silverman's own life and follow a woman adjusting to singlehood following the breakup of a long term relationship (her and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel dated from 2002-2008). It will be single camera and written by Dan Sterling, Jon Schroeder (who also wrote for the show she did on Comedy Central), and Silverman herself. I am a big fan of Silverman's stand-up work, but I went back and forth on her Comedy Central show, "The Sarah Silverman Program." Some shows were fall out of the chair funny, while others I tuned out halfway through. But, with three networks bidding and Ron Howard, who does not do TV too often, pursuing the executive producer's chair on her new one, she must be doing something interesting that has their attention. Will it fly with today's network viewing audiences? We'll find out.

Note: Silverman was once a writer for "Saturday Night Live"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

USS Indianapolis Tale Told By Quint In "Jaws" Coming To Big Screen

Source: Cinema Blend
Movie Scoop: Anyone who has seen "Jaws" remembers the tension that was built in that film. Not only from the shark that caused havoc in the town of Amity, but by Quint, the fisherman played by Robert Shaw, who tells Brody and Hooper the truly frightening story of the USS Indianapolis in one of the only quiet moments of the last half of the film. The story goes that the ship was struck by Japanese torpedoes on July 30th, 1945 and was sunk in 12 minutes. Almost 900 men were left floating in the water dying of thirst, hypothermia, and shark attacks. Of the 1,200 men that were sent on that ship, only 316 came back alive.

Now Hollywood is looking to bring that monologue to the screen. However, it is being done with a twist: the film is going to be about an 11 year old boy named Hunter Scott. After watching "Jaws" for the first time in the mid 1990s and being captivated by Shaw's monologue, he decided to research it and found out that the ship's captain, Charles McVay, had been convicted of "hazarding his ship by failing to zig-zag." After speaking to survivors who said his conviction was unwarranted, Scott went in front of Congress and 2001, 23 years after McVay commited suicide, his name was cleared.

Robert Schenkkan, who wrote for the HBO series "The Pacific," is writing the script based on a story idea from Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan. Their production company, Team Downey, will produce. I am very surprised this story has taken so long for Hollywood to jump on. The monologue that Shaw gives is frightening, and I think it could be great to see this unique perspective of it. If, of course, Hollywood doesn't slap on the cheese and turn it into "Titanic."

Note: JJ abrams actually tried to do a movie based on the USS Indianapolis for Universal back in 2000, but it never got off the ground

Monday, August 15, 2011

Julie Newmar Shows Support For Fellow Catwoman Anne Hathaway

Among all the criticism about Anne Hathaway’s portrayal as Catwoman… wait, we haven’t even seen any footage of Anne as Catwoman yet have we? Well let me rephrase that! Among all the criticism in regards to Anne Hathaway dawning the new Catwoman suit… but wait, did we really get a good look at the suit in the first place? I mean she was atop the Batpod so I know I didn’t get a very good look at the suit and what it could do and what Anne would look like in the suit BUT the criticism seems to be there nonetheless.
Just last week Hathaway spoke out about all of the internet chatter surrounding the suit and said “if you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do. And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste.” Excellent taste aside, another Catwoman shared her thoughts on Hathaway stepping up to the plate and taking on the role of the Cat in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming epic The Dark Knight Rises.
“I adore Anne Hathaway,” said Julie Newmar, who is best know for playing Catwoman in the 1960s “Batman” Television series, in a recent interview with PopcornBiz. “First of all, she’s so gorgeous, and there’s something so sweet about her, and I know that she has all these other [performing] abilities. I think she’ll be splendid!”
Newmar then added: “Catwoman is appealing because she’s a rascal. If you’re the good kid in the family you kind of get ignored, but if you’re the naughty one, you’re the one that they’re always going after, always looking to see what you’ll do next or what’s happening here. They’re not going to keep their eyes off of you.”
“It just puts you in a good mood, she revealed when quizzed about her experiences donning the catsuit and whether she think Hathaway will feel the same way. “You put on that black and it slims you down, put on the heels and that also makes your posture go forward slightly so you’re kind of out there, looking and accepting and finding new people to play with.”
“My Catwoman suit is in the Smithsonian Museum now in Washington, D.C. I have a facsimile. Actually, I have two of them. And no, I won’t put it on.”
Let’s just see how Hathaway pulls off the role itself when The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Comic Book MoviePopcornBiz

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is A Batman/Superman Team Up In The Works?

Source: ThinkMcflyThink

The Justice League rumors have popped up again courtesy of the site ThinkMcFlyThink but in addition, is there a separate Superman/Batman team up on the horizon as well? According to them, "sources" have said that Warner Bros. are secretly putting together a film that would see both Superman and the caped crusader Batman fight crime side by side. However the site goes on to the say that a Justice League movie is more likely as WB's head man in charge Jeff Robinov said back in March that they studio was aiming for a 2013 release for the superhero mash-up. The studio is still high on getting The Flash movie rolling as well but similar to the Justice League, Warner's has wanted to get two of their biggest superheroes on the big screen together for awhile now.

TCM says, "In a classic case of covering your ass, what we're hearing is two separate incarnations are being tooled. One version where the World's Greatest Detective is firmly established and helps mentor an up-and-coming, fresh-faced Supes and vice versa. Essentially, they're hoping they can woo Christian Bale back into the cape-and-cowl for a fourth time and in case the Oscar-winner tells them, 'No thanks, I'm done!', they'll go for a new actor altogether. Both versions would feature Henry Cavill's Last Son of Krypton."

There was actually a Batman Vs. Superman movie in the works awhile back that had Wolfgang Peterson directing but that eventually fell apart quickly. However, there will be life after The Dark Knight Rises as Warner's has stated that with or without Nolan/Bale another Batman film will be made. Whether it's another reboot or continuation of the franchise remains to be seen. As for Supes, Zack Snyder is hard at work on Man of Steel which recently got pushed back from a December, 2011 release to a June 14, 2013 bow. So with all of these potential DC films on the horizon which one are you more interested in seeing on the big screen? The Flash, Justice Justice, a new take on Batman or are you in waiting as the new Superman film slowly pushing towards completion? Do tell.

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Jonathan Demme Buys Option Rights To Stephen King's New Book...Before It's Even Published

Source: joblo

Movie Scoop: As a big Stephen King fan growing up who followed all his doings, I seem to recall this happening a lot in the eighties. However, I do not remember the last time it happened this decade. Jonathan Demme, director of the Oscar-winning "Silence Of The Lambs" and, most recently, 2008's "Rachel Getting Married," has just snatched the rights to Stephen King's new book 11/22/63. The catch? The book doesn't even come out until November. Apparently, early manuscripts have been floating around Hollywood and Demme thinks he can make a great movie out of it

The book is about a teacher who finds a portal in the back of a diner that leads to the 1950s. He goes back in time with intents on stopping the assassination of JFK, but things don't go as planned. As of now, there is no studio attached but should the film actually get off the ground, King himself would executive produce.

Note: Demme is credited as a producer on "Aviator," a movie he was originally supposed to direct.

Disney Bows Out of The Johnny Depp-starrer THE LONE RANGER

Source: Deadline

Yet another big budget studio has dropped yer another big budget film and this time the culprit and victim: Disney and The Lone RangerDeadline reports that Disney has shut down production on the Gore Verbinski-directed film that was to star Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the title character. Why you ask? Why else -- because of the reported $250M budget that Disney was trying to reduce for the Jerry Bruckheimer produced pic. The studio were looking for something more in the $200M range. The Lone Ranger was set to begin production in October but the site say money has already been spent in pre-production and between Depp, Bruckheimer and Verbinski, the gross outlay on the film was one that Disney didn't want to take on. The shoot was set for New Mexico.

Disney has several big budget films in production with John Carter and its reported budget of $300m. (I just saw this trailer tonight during Final Five and it looks like a waste of that $300M if you ask me!) The studio also has Oz: The Great and Powerful, the James Franco-starrer which has a reported budget of $200M.

Budget aside, The Lone Ranger had a very good chance of being successful. Super producer Jerry Bruckheimer was behind this project who has a longstanding relationship with Disney and has the Pirates of The Caribbean films and Alice In Wonderland to show his worth. Both Pirates and Wonderland had Johnny Depp in the lead role and he's as sure a thing as any actor in Hollywood. Has three films that have gross over $1 billion dollars at the box office if I remember correctly. And as for the director Gore Verbinski, well he's coming off the massive success of Rango which has grossed $242M worldwide! The film is also considered a front-runner to win an Oscar for Best Animated Film.

The Lone Ranger was scheduled for release on December 21, 2012, that was to be a week after The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will open on December 14th, 2012. World War Z also recently announced it's release date of December 21st, 2012 but it's unclear whether either film factored into Disney's decision. So the next move for the filmmakers are to hope the film gets picked up by another studio which is likely to happen I would think.

Final Destination 5 Review

Year: 2011
Directed By: Steven Quale
Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta, David Koechner and Tony Todd
Run Time: 92 minutes

There's no cheating death right? Or is there? This being the fifth film in the series, I'm pretty sure you all know how the premise goes by now but Final Destination 5 threw a new twist into its game of "who can survive the longest", making this installment the most intriguing one of them all. For those who aren't familiar with a single Final Destination film, they all usually follow a group of survivors of a horrific accident who weren't suppose to survive at all. A central member of the ensemble sees a vision of the accident occurring before it actually happens and warns as many people as he can before said tragedy takes the lives of a shitload of people. Everything should be peachy right? The survivors should be granted a second lease on life and live each day as if it's there last right? Well the later part is right and this being a Final Destination film, more is in store for those survivors than they could ever imagine.

In the fifth installment, death stalks a group of co-workers who avoid a grisly demise in a massive suspension bridge collapse after one of them experiences a terrifying premonition. Those survivors are then killed one by one in ways that lead people to believe that each death is just a strange coincidence. However, before each survivor is picked off they are told that there is a way to cheat death... by killing someone, having them take your place on death's hit list which allows you to take over there life living out their remaining years. Sounds nice in theory, well not really but in the end, death always has more tricks up it's sleeve!

Now after five movies some would say that there's only so much left to do when it comes to the central element in these films which is the death's themselves. That is why we've shown up year after year to see these films right? I think it's safe to say that none of the actors involved will win an Oscar for their performance but no FD film has had what can be considered a suitable actor/actress since Final Destination 2 and this is a horror film so you kinda have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Nicholas D'Agosto played Sam Lawton, the male lead in the film and did a decent job I guess but didn't have that leading man stature that one would look for so his performance fell flat and kinda made you forget that he was the one that started the chain of events int he first place. But he was the least of the acting problems. What I do have some qualms with is the emotionless acting that was displayed by Emma Bell who played Molly Harper in the film.

The moment bell stepped on screen it was as though she was disinterested in acting in this film all together. Even during the intense moments where people actually started dying around her she really didn't seem to give a shit! Female leads are know for their crying, their over-exaggeration of fear and the sheer terror that is usually written all over their face. Bell displayed none of the above and it was quite shocking because I've seen the actress in films and TV series' previously and going into this film I thought out of everyone she would have been my pick for the actor/actress to show me something worth raving about acting wise. Don't get me wrong the supporting cast wasn't anything to write home about either, mainly Miles Fisher, who played Peter Friedkin in the film. His acting was so bad at times it made me question whether or not he had an acting experience prior to this film at all -- but according to his Wikipedia page he does. But again this is a horror movie so my judgement will stop there.

That said, director Steven Quale did a hell of a job keeping the death's in the film fresh and even gave us one of the more grisly yet entertaining kills the series has ever seen during a certain the "gymnastics scene" which has been shown briefly throughout the promo trailers for the film. I'll also go as far as to say that Final Destination 5 went the route of actually trying to create a believable storyline to go along with those kills and both gelled rather nicely together. Now after you wrap your head around the fact that this is the FIFTH film in the series and the fact that you already know how the film is going to end -- with everyone DEAD, the filmmakers decided to send us off with a bit of a surprise ending that alone is worth the price of admission. So for fans of the previous films and newcomers to the franchise I think overall Final Destination 5 is an enjoyable flick, a popcorn film as some would call it and I think if you are just willing to overlook some of the bad acting and just sit back, relax and enjoy the film -- you will!

NBC Looking To Launch Redo of "The Munsters"

Source: TV Guide

This remake of TV talk is starting to look old hat. A couple days ago, we at the Scoop reported that CBS is working on a remake of Bewitched. We have also been updating you constantly on ABC's upcoming relaunch of Charlie's Angels. Now comes word that Bryan Fuller is looking to redo the 60s classic show The Munsters (pictured) for NBC in what is being described as, get ready for it: "a darker, edgier hour long show."

This news comes one year after Fuller's original pitch was rejected by NBC. Apparently the network had a change of heart, called him back, and is going ahead with it. This new version will have plenty of humor, along with the return of all the characters from the original show. Universal Media Studios (which is also producing the network's new version of Frankenstein) is producing the show. The original show ran for 70 episodes between 1964 and 1966.

Much like film producers and executives are doing, it looks like TV is looking to remodel what has been successful in the past for modern audiences. Will this version of a very beloved old sitcom sit well with today's audiences? It's tough to say, but with all the reality TV out there, at least this will be a scripted show to turn to.

Note: Remaking The Munsters? Really??!

Patrick Wilson Joins Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi Flick PROMETHEUS!

Source: Collider,

Although filming has begun on Ridley Scott's upcoming Sci-Fi thriller Prometheus, that hasn't stopped the director from adding another high profile actor to his production. Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) recently did an interview with for his upcoming CBS series "A Gifted Man" where the site revealed the following:

"Wilson will need to leverage everything he’s learned from Shorecrest [Wilson's hometown] to a new role in the highly anticipated Alien prequel Prometheus (directed by original Alien auteur Ridley Scott) for his latest challenge."

Scott's Alien prequel (or not) already has a great cast that includes Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Idris Elba, and Guy Pearce. Not much is known about the role Wilson will play or the plot of the film itself but it's Ridley Scott returning to the genre he made famous all those years back so I trust that the film will be amazing regardless. Prometheus will hit theater in 3D on June 8, 2012.

A Gifted Man, Wilson's new series premieres on September 23rd.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Star Rooney Mara Talks About The Controversial Teaser Poster, Shooting The Film's Rape Scene

Source: Entertainment Weekly

There are very few filmakers I trust that each and every time I pay my money to see their movies, I am going to get every penny's worth of entertainment. David Fincher is one of those guys. And, as a huge fan of author Stieg Larrson's Millinium trilogy of novels featuring prominent female lead character Lisbeth Salander, along with the Swedish films that followed, I couldn't think of a more worthy guy than Fincher to remake 2009's Swedish film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" for US audiences.

Taking a look at this new picture taken from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring Rooney Mara as Salander (above), I would say that Fincher and Mara have the look down pretty well. This look, however, couldn't be any further removed from her topless portrayal of the character in the film's controversial teaser poster from June, which had co-star Daniel Craig embracing her from behind as her right breast and nipple were exposed through the lettering. This poster caused so much controversy that Sony Pictures had to come out with an alternate, more PG-13 rated one. "I was supportive of it," Mara told the magazine. "I understand why there was so much controversy. People have a hard time with strong females and nudity. But, I think had I been doing something incredibly violent on the poster, people wouldn't have had a problem with it. That says a lot about the world we live in."

Mara also spoke about the film's impending rape scene, which anyone who has read the book or seen the original film can attest to the discomfort that comes with witnessing. "It was incredibly intense," Mara said, "We worked 16 hours on Valentine's Day to do it. But, it's an important scene, and we wanted to make sure we got it right."

The film, about a journalist (Craig) who enlists the help of disturbed, yet brilliant computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Mara) to help find a woman who has been missing for 40 years, also stars Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Wright, Julian Sands (Warlock!!!), Christopher Plummer, Embeth Davidtz, Joely Richardson, and Goran Visnjic. Its script is written by Steven Zaillian (Schindler's List, Hannibal). It comes out December 21st.

Note: Was anyone else rooting for Ellen Page ("Juno") to get this role?

GI Joe: Retaliation Plot Details Emerge?

Source: Comic Book Movie, io9

It was announced a couple of days ago that Bruce Willis was in talks to join the cast of GI Joe: Retaliation and would play the role of "The Original Joe" but now some plot details regarding the film may have been revealed as well. The guys over at ComicBookMovie (via io9) have those details which comes from a recent casting call for the film and here's what those plot details... entail:

Several new Joes, including Walker, Brock and Robyn. Walker is the wise-cracker of the bunch, who's always making jokes about other guys' moms. Robyn is a gun-loving weapons expert, who talks lovingly about her latest ultra-high-tech rifle. (Which prompts Walker to say that he loves "girls with guns.") Brock is from the 'hood and he listens to a lot of Cypress Hill on his boombox while looking at pictures of his eight-year-old twin girls. (When he takes the picture out of a Ziploc bag, Walker hopes he's bringing out some of his famous pistachio cheese balls.) 

At one point, when Robyn, Brock and another Joe named Sam are on the run, they take refuge in Brock's old neighborhood, where one of the homies, a tattooed stone-cold badass named Stacks, promises to help him any way he can. Stacks and Brock are like brothers from another mother, and Stacks tells Brock they can hide out in the old rec center. He can even hook Brock up with a new set of wheels, which are pimped out but "on the low." (The joke is that the wheels are clearly not on the low, because they're too fancy and loud.) 

Mouse, who is the newest recruit on the team played by Joseph Mazzello. He's a Southern boy, "18 going on 11." He's got no real combat experience, but he's played a lot of Call of Duty. And when he goes up against one of the top Joes in a test to see who can pull a hand grenade out of a big pool out of water with their teeth, Mouse wins. He raises his arms in victory, and spits out the grenade, saying "Bang." The crowd of soldiers watching this goes nuts. 

The Young Storm Shadow. Looks like we'll be getting some flashbacks to the childhoods of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Blind Master (played by RZA!) talks to Storm Shadow about his early mistakes in voice-over, while we watch the young Storm Shadow fleeing the Dojo. Blind Master asks who had the most to gain from driving Storm Shadow from the Dojo: the rival who drove Storm away, or the "man into whose arms you were chased." We see that Storm Shadow took refuge with a "burly peasant" who gave him a blanket and cooked for him by a fire. And later, we see the burly peasant, who's really a super-ninja in disguise, killing a ninja master. 

Lots and lots of World Leaders There's some kind of summit, in which everybody is agreeing on reducing their nuclear missiles, and it all goes horribly wrong, of course. The U.S. has launched all of its birds in the air, and everybody is trying to decide whether to retaliate and cause World War III. People say awesome shit like, "Let history record who was responsible for this madness." And "There can be no winners!" 

And then Zartan — the master of disguise who replaced the U.S. President in the first movie — basically tells everybody that their countries can serve him or die. He totally wants it all, man. Zartan tells the French muckety muck that from now on "You're reporting to moi." But at least Russia is defiant, telling Zartan "You've only succeeded in uniting us... against you." Separately, we see the Pakistani President, who is standing by his decision to harbor terrorists, suddenly getting assassinated with a titanium blade. 

Lecter, a new villain who joins forces with Zartan in infiltrating the White House. (And it turns out the President's approval ratings have skyrocketed since he turned evil.) Lecter has been busted out of prison, so he can develop every high-tech weapon the baddies can possibly imagine... and some they can't. Lecter and his friends Smith and Jones are holding a U.S. Senator prisoner and interrogating him. "It's called a water board... but I never get bored," gloats Jones.

Let the speculation begin. G.I. Joe: Retaliation, directed by Jon Chu is set to star Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Stevenson, Ray Park, Elodie Yung and RZA. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on June 29th, 2012.


Source: The Playlist, Collider

Director Justin Lin is somewhat of a hot commodity these days. After the massive success of this summer's  Fast Five (to the tune of over $600M worldwide at the box office) the director will also helm the next installment in the Terminator franchise, with or without Arnold Schwarzenegger. More on that later. So as you could imagine Lin pretty much has his pick of the litter as far as which film he wants to move onto next. Looks like the director has chosen to stick with familiar territory for his next feature!

Speaking with The Playlist, Lin confirmed that Fast and Furious 6 will indeed be his next project. It has already been reported that Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are all set to return for the sequel and the script is being polished as we speak by screenwriter Chris Morgan. Back in April, Universal stated that the next installment could switch gears from fast racing cars to a good old fashion heist movie which Fast Five showed elements of throughout that film. No word on if that’s still the focus as of now but Fast Six looks to be moving forward either way with a scheduled release date of May 24, 2013.

Now as for what other projects the director has lined up, Terminator 5 (or whatever they'll end of calling it) is still in the pipeline and Lin recently met with both Schwarzenegger and James Cameron to talk details regarding the franchise:

"Just even this week, I had a great meeting with Arnold and James Cameron, just sitting down unofficially. And James is so gracious because he's not part of the project, he's not going to be producing, but it was great of him just as a filmmaker to take time out to just talk."

So that means after Fast Six, Lin will begin production of the Terminator film right? Well the director wouldn't confirm whether the film will be his next project or not. Also in the interview Lin talked about other films projects he's been asked to helm, more specially Die Hard 5 which the director turned down due to the lack of creative control he would have:

"For many of the projects, I feel very privileged, but I just know it wasn't the right situation. And the first Die Hard changed me as a kid when I watched it. But Die Hard 5 is just not something that I'm going to do, or I'm interested in."

Talk about in high demand. To sit there and say that you turned down the chance to work with Bruce Willis and to have the likes of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the former Governator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger in your corner for the next few years has to say something! Justin Lin is on his way up and will soon be mentioned as one of the better action directors to come along in a very long time!

Catch Me, If You Can - The "Barefoot Bandit" Story is Coming Soon!

Badass Digest is reporting that Fox has reached a deal with 20-year-old criminal Colton Harris-Moore (known in the media as the "Barefoot Bandit") to tell his story in both print and film. The $1.3M he makes from this deal will be used to repay the victims of his crimes (he owes roughly $1.4M in restistution fees). Per the terms of his plea bargain, Harris-Moore is forbidden from making a profit off his story.

For those not familiar with the story, it's almost another "Catch Me, If You Can" scenario. Colton Harris-Moore had been in trouble with law since the age of 12. Neglected by his alcoholic mother and abused by his drug addict father, he turned to petty thefts to get attention. When he was 17, he walked away from a halfway house where he was to complete a 3-year sentence for stealing a neighbor's camcorder. From there, he lived in the wilderness of Washington state and Canada. He would break into local vacation homes to eat, use hot tubs, steal credit cards (it is reported that he once stole a credit card to buy bear mace and night vision goggles), bicycles, cars, boats, and small aircraft - among other things.

He taught himself how to fly from reading flight manuals and watching instructional DVDs. He earned his nickname because in some his break-ins, he would leave a chalk outline of his bare feet.

As a fugitive, he evaded authorities for 2 years. On July 1, 2010 he stole a Cessna-400 single-engine jet from an airport in Bloomington, IL and flew down to the Bahamas where the plane crashed along the shore of Great Abaco Island. Shortly after, there were break-ins reported in the area. The Royal Bahamas Police Force began their search and he was apprehended on July 11, 2010 on Harbour Island, Bahamas after tracking a boat that he had stolen while on Great Abaco Island.

In a written statement released by his attorney's Colton Harris-Moore had this to say: "I did things that were not only a violation of law, but also of trust. I can’t undo what I did. I can only try to make things better."

Wesley Snipes To Reprise His Role As BLADE?

Source: IGN Movies

As many of you might know, actor Wesley Snipes is behind bars for crimes that we will not mention here BUT that didn't stop the actor from talking about which iconic film role he'd like to return to once he is released. Snipes spoke with IGN Movies and expressed interest in reprising the role of BLADE. He also spoke about the importance of the character and the movies in general. You can read a few excerpts from that interview below:

"It would be nice to fulfil some of the really cool plans we had for Blade, but didn't get the chance to go live with."

"Some people forget or overlook my/our contribution to this current trend. The 'Gaming' community knows and the streets give us credits, but the movie world frequently plays us like the 'ugly step child' or the 'kitchen help', especially when the conversation revolves around the 'boys in tights' or 'the bat'.

"Getting asked this question all the time, my response is: 'Under the right circumstances, with the right team, yes, I'd do another one.' But don't get me wrong, I'm not waiting around for the opportunity. I've got plenty to do, plus an unravelled character in the works who I think will give Blade a helluva run for his money."

Hmmm, an "unravelled character" that will "give Blade a helluva run for his money." Interesting to say the least. The Blade franchise to date has racked in $415M at the worldwide office so Snipes definitely knows a good thing when he sees it. But whether or not he gets that chance to portray the character of Blade yet again is something that only time will tell.

SCREAM 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Specs Revealed!

Source: Amazon

After racking up nearly $100M at the worldwide box office, Scream 4 will hit DVD/Blu-Ray shelves on October 4th. The film directed by Wes Craven sees the return of franchise stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox. With it's home video release right around the corner, the spec have finally been released and they aren't to shabby. Take a look:

Special Features:

-Alternate Opening
-Alternate Ending
-Wes Craven Commentary for Feature and Deleted Scenes
-"Making Of…" Featurette
-Over 15 Deleted Scenes
-Gag Reel

If you're thinking about picking up a copy of the Blu-Ray, that will include a DVD copy, a Blu-ray copy and a free digital download. If you're not willing to shell out the extra bucks for the Blu-Ray then the DVD only copy of the film will include the same special features. Not really a Blu-Ray guy myself so the DVD only copy will do just fine for me.

The film which was written by Kevin Williamson, also stars Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Marielle Jaffe, Rory Culkin, Erik Knudsen, Marley Shelton, Anthony Anderson, Adam Brody, Alison Brie, Nico Tortorella, Mary McDonnell, Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, Britt Robertson, Aimee Teegarden Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courteney Cox), who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and her Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell). Unfortunately, Sidney's appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger. 

Why was Frank Darabont REALLY fired from the "Walking Dead?"

Why was former Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont (pictured) really let go by AMC? This is a question that has been on the lips of many fans ever since it was announced that he would be replaced by executive producer Glen Mazzara a mere 3 days after the "Walking Dead" season 2 panel at Comic Con last month (which I attended).

Some answers are now beginning to show up. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a lot of it had to do with AMC's extention of the season to 13 episodes (up from 6 last season), which resulted in major budget cuts (from $3.4 million an episode last year to $2.75 million this season). These cuts affected the show in Darabont's eyes, as, for example, network executives would ask for more zombies to be heard and not seen. Therefore, saving the money it would take to make up another actor to look like a zombie.

Another reason could be that Darabont never quite adapted to the quick, lean style of filming TV as opposed to feature movies. He was in a constant struggle with AMC to keep the show big on scope and style, despite the budgets he was given. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this could have been a huge bearing on the major reason given in for his firing, as footage that he edited from an episode he turned in came back "unusable."

So, what do you guys think? Will this have no bearing on the quality of "Walking Dead?" Or, will this firing come back to bite AMC in the ass? We'll find out when the new season of the show starts October 16th.

Note: Darabont bought the rights to the story "Shawshank Redemption" from Stephen King for a dollar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Source: Movie Hole

Guess what folks, word is circulating around the web that casting has officially begun for the third film in the Riddick franchise and a title has apparently been given to the film as well: The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. Vin Diesel is already set to return for the sequel with David Twohy, once again writing and directing the flick.

According to MovieHole, casting director Anne McCarthy (Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick) has begun the search to fill the supporting roles in the film that include Boss Johns, Santana, the sexy female merc Dahl, and the smug commander Krone. The site also has a synopsis for the film as well which you can read below.

Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick (Diesel) fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.

No release date has been set.

WORLD WAR Z; More Details Emerge!

Source: Dread Central

Yesterday Paramount announced that its upcoming zombie flick World War Z will hit theaters on December 21st, 2012. The film will be directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Julia Levy-Boeken and Bryan Cranston. Today the studio sent out a press release regarding yesterday's news break and have revealed a few details about the film itself. You can read the full press release below:

Paramount Pictures announced today it has set a release date of December 21st, 2012 for World War Z starring Academy Award-nominee Brad Pitt, with Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) directing. The geo-political thriller from Paramount and Skydance Productions, in association with Hemisphere Media Capital and GK Films, is a Plan B Entertainment/Apparatus Productions production that is shooting in England following initial photography completed in Malta last month. The film will also shoot in Scotland and Hungary.

Produced by Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Colin Wilson, the screenplay is written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (State of Play) from Max Brooks' best-selling novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Starring Pitt (Moneyball), Mireille Enos (AMC's "The Killing"), Daniella Kertesz in her feature film debut, James Badge Dale (The Departed) and Matthew Fox ("Lost"), the film's Executive Producers are Forster, Brad Simpson, David Ellison, Paul Schwake, Dana Goldberg, Graham King and Tim Headington.

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Enos plays Gerry's wife Karen Lane; Kertesz is his comrade in arms, Segen.

Behind-the-scenes talent includes two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson (The Aviator; JFK), production designer Nigel Phelps (Transformers: Dark of the Moon; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo (Avatar) and Academy Award-nominated editor Matt Chessè (Finding Neverland).

The 10 Most-Triumphant Fictional Musicians of All Time

I recently read an article listing ten of the best fictional bands of all-time, and like most things, completely disagreed with it. So much so in fact, that I decided to do something more than just complain and forget about it a few minutes later, but to instead assemble my own list of the actual most-triumphant fictional bands and musicians of all-time! [Cue evil laugh].

The most qualifying factor of the best fictional music is the ability to transcend the world of film and television, and stand on it’s own as music. Still, this isn’t all picking and arranging you know, I had to put a lot of thought into it, and by that I mean I just picked my favorites and put numbers next to them. From The Blues Brothers, to Spinal Tap, to The Monkees (who started out fictional, but became too awesome for tv, and turned into a real band, which Jimi Hendrix—actual Jimi Hendrix opened for on tour, only incidentally qualifies them), fake/real music will always have a place in our DVD collections and on our ipods, even if we don’t like to admit it.

First, a couple of honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut: Let the first you’re-not-quite-good-enough ribbon go to everyone’s favorite uncle’s band: Jesse and The Rippers. Although they only had the one hit, “Forever”, that at the time and now still, makes me throw up in my mouth, the opportunity to include Uncle Jesse or more importantly John Stamos in on anything I’m writing balances everything out.

The next close but no cigar award goes to the film Crossroads—no, not the Brittany one. The original film by that title is a 1986 classic that retells the story of Robert Johnson, but with The Karate Kid instead. At the “crossroads” (see how that works?) The Kid plays a guitar duel against the devil who bears a striking resemblance to master guitarist Steve Vai, but in reality, it’s actually a guitar battle between Vai and other master guitarist Ry Cooder (and I did not make that up) so it basically equates to the best guitar battle you’ve never seen.

Now, onto the good stuff, the ten best fictional bands and musicians in all of Fictitiondem!

10 The Archies – The Archies were spawned from the long-running comic of the same name, and gave rise to the animated band, including spin-off, Josie and The Pussy Cats. Together from 1968-1973, their few Bubblegumy hits like “Sugar, Sugar” are songs you’ve been hearing for most of your life without knowing where they came from. So if nothing else, let them act as a lesson that you should always know where music comes from before you put it in your ears.

9 The Partridge Family – You don’t have to admit it to me, but I know you’ve all hummed, whistled, or thought the lyrics to “I Think I Love You” or “C’mon, Get Happy” at least once in your life. The first family of fictional music toured around in a magical bus, everyone wore elaborate costumes, and there were no problems that a musical number wouldn’t fix. I know there was more to the show, but that’s all I remember, as I haven’t seen a single episode since the dispatching of Nick-at-Nite. The Partridges also put the funk in dysfunctional when they tried to take The Monkees route, releasing a whole mess of albums, and taking the road on the show, just without the lasting appeal and a lot more drama. Regardless, the real lesson here is that single mothers have gotten lazy, since the days of Mama Partridge, whatever happened to efficiently employing and exploiting your children from an early age? Those were the days…

8 Zack Attack—Yes, I have gone there. The chaotic, and overly-emotional single very special episode of Saved By The Bell where the gang gets together with their magically acquired acuity for all required instruments to form a band; go through the motions of becoming rockstars and the strain on their relationship throughout, only to come back around to the moral of their song “Friends are Friends Forever”, and remember why they got into the rock music business in the first place, friendship. This very special episode seemed to come back around and stick it’s young audiences with a double moral, or perhaps just a not-so-creative nod to The Twilight Zone when it’s discovered the whole thing was an elaborate dream sequence, it is but beginning, and the path of Zack Attack yet to be forged. For someone who grew up on SBTB, take my word when I say their little publicizes reunion for a rendition of “Wild Thing” while drinking and driving, episode entitled “Drinking and Driving”, was far superior to the original union.

7 Group X Arabian Rap Sensations – There is little known about this group that blurs the line between fiction and reality, and that’s the way they want it. You’d more likely recognize them as stick figures in flash videos from the interwebs. And adding to their legacy of confusion and misdirection, they actually perform live shows, but are always costumed to conceal their identities. Their infections songs, in skewed and broken English, are hilarious and instantly recognizable: “Bang, Bang, Bang”, “Shifty-Five” “Peanuts”, “Don’t Touch That” and a multitude of others will get stuck in your head for days, and likely influence your vocabulary as it did mine.

6 Wyld Stallyns – “I am Bill S. Preston esq., and I am Ted “Theodore” Logan, and together we are: The Wyld Stallyns!” Is practically a schoolyard cheer for my generation (whatever the hell it’s called). The Stallyns are musical underdogs, on the verge of being separated if they fail their history exam that is, until unsung hero, Rufus of The Future, shows up with a time-traveling phone booth for them to put right what once went wrong. Okay, I’m mixing my time-traveling methodology, but in the year 2068 Wyld Stallyns music is the basis of existence, and we would all be missing out on that most-excellent future were it not for a series of magical moments in 1989.

5 The Soul Apostles, Davis and The Brassy Knoll, and all of the musicians from Treme –This is an all-encompassing selection, including almost the entire cast of the HBO series, Treme. The series revolves almost entirely around music, all of the performances are recorded live, with a huge range of musical generas represented, and usually as per Louisiana style, mixed together into something completely different. The actors both portray, and play with professional musicians, and the professional musicians act on the show, but it’s not nearly as complicated as I've made it sound. It a nice change of pace to see actors taking an active role in the performances and not just lip-syncing. The bottom line is this, where else are you going to see folk legends like Steve Earl and Doctor John playing musicians other than themselves?

4 Sadie and The Po Boys –The whole Across the Universe soundtrack is noteworthy, and if ever there was a way to repurpose Beatles songs in a way that not only didn’t suck, but is actually exciting and new, the music from this film did it. The story of Sadie and The Po Boys is told supportavely, and chronicles their rise to fame in 1960s New York, only to break up, and reunite for an imprompt concert on the roof of a building. Acting like the madness barometer throughout, Sadie’s music narrates the increasingly chaotic nature of the story, and going somewhere that no film or musician dared go before, and probably never should again.

3 Dewey Cox – With his life story told in the film Walk Hard: The Legend of Dewey Cox, this is my secret soundtrack; the one I’ve never admitted is a constant staple on my playlists. This movie was panned by critics and audiences, but is actually one of the funniest and most insightful looks at the history of modern music. Best of all, Dewey Cox actor John C. Riley co-wrote much of the music, and preformed it himself, having the rare distinction of having “(Mama) You’ve Got to Love Your Negro Man” and “(I Hate You) Big Daddy” to his credit. The mark of a good sound track, fictional or non, is that it can translate beyond the film it’s self, and Dewey’s body of work encompasses all generations with an element of wit and humor that culminates in the film’s final ballad “Beautiful Ride”, and I recommend it.

2 The Commitments – The legend of The Commitments goes like this: a young Irish man wants to produce a band, and so he does. The gang comes together from all walks of life, fight, do sex, break up, reunite, break up, and occasionally come together long enough to play classic Soul hits from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, in other words a near-perfect demonstration in music appreciation. Ultimately, things for the gang go more wrong than right, and never really work out, but the music is genuinely good, and unique—good unique, not I’m an artist unique, revitalizing and reimagining a style of vintage music that had long gone out of fashion.

1 Eddie and The Cruisers--This movie has Tom Berenger in it, and in fairness, this picture isn't from the movie, it's from Dogs of War, I just really like it. And now, this is me reminding myself that this article is about fictional music, and to stay on topic. Michael Pare’s; Eddie of and The Cruisers, fine skill for the art of lip-sync and ability to sound like Bruce Springsteen at the same time, led audiences to believe he was singing the music. Not so however, John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band (and I didn’t make that up either) are the men behind the curtain, and the vocal similarity to Bruce is simply coincidental. Creating its own legend, conveniently ruined by the forgettable sequel, the grind of becoming a musician became too much for artist Eddie who drove himself off a bridge to get away from it all—or did he ooooh, chills. The story really takes place years later, when a meddling reporter starts asking questions and inadvertently gets the gang back together. Did I mention, Tom Berenger is in this, because he is. This is another collection of music that stands completely on it’s own, and if it weren’t assigned to a fake group, no one would be the wiser, which is another reason it’s been on my playlists for years, and takes the coveted number one spot.

If I’ve left out your favorite, than I strongly suggest you write your own article and give me the what-for. If these acts are new to you, then I suggest you hit the youtubes and see what you’ve been missing. And if you know them already, good for you, you’ve just quantified your coolness, extending to the end of this sentence.

♥ ♥ ♥

Life will go on at "30 Rock"... With or without Alec Baldwin

When he announced in 2009 that he'd retire from acting after completing the 6th Season of the critically acclaimed NBC sitcom "30 Rock", Alec Baldwin also said the show would end there. The New York Times recently interviewed Baldwin where he revealed his plans to run for mayor of New York City after walking away from acting. He won't be able run for the upcoming election due to his commitment to the series, which expires at the conclusion of the upcoming 6th season.

Squashing Baldwin's previous statement that the 6th season would be the last for the show, Executive Producer Lorne Michaels recently stated that "30 Rock will continue into a seventh season with or without Baldwin" and series writer Sarah Maslin Nir said that Baldwin will "appear occasionally in future episodes while he’s enrolled in a master’s program in politics and government".

As a fan of the show myself, I am skeptical that the series can survive and flourish without Alec Baldwin's "Jack Donaghy". The chemistry between him and Tina Fey's "Liz Lemon" are what makes the show what it is. The 6th Season of "30 Rock" will begin airing on NBC in early 2012. It's getting a late start because Tina Fey is currently expecting her second child.

Leon Kennedy To Make His Feature Film Debut In RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION

Source: Collider, Bloody Disgusting

It seems like there is a different Resident Evil story each day and now we have yet another to throw your way. A couple of days ago we reported that Resident Evil: Retribution was set to begin production in October with Milla Jovovich set to reprise her role as Alice. But at the time we didn't know who would be helming the upcoming sequel.

Yesterday came word that Paul W.S. Anderson would indeed be returning to the franchise as the director and also wrote the screenplay for the fifth installment. Now as for other RE characters that we will be seeing in the film, Jill Valentine, who was played previously by actress Sienna Guillory has said she will be returning for the fifth film but word on the street has it that the role will be recast.

Today comes word from Bloody Disgusting that casting has begun for the role of Barry Burton (who first appeared in Resident Evil 3 and most recently in DLC for Resident Evil 5) and the site also reports that fan-favorite Leon Kennedy is said to be making his feature film debut as well. The character was reported dead in Resident Evil: Apocalypse but Anderson promised awhile back that the character would eventually return so I guess this is him making good on that promise. No word if Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) or Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) will return.

Resident Evil: Retribution is slated to open in 3D on September 14, 2012 with filming set to begin in Toronto, Canada then onto Tokyo, Japan.

Glee's Lea Michelle and DWTS' Derek Hough Up For Dirty Dancing Remake?

Source: Movie Web

We've been keeping you guys up to date with latest news regarding the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake and now we have some potential casting scoop for you as well. After news broke that High School Musical director Kenny Ortega would be helming the project, MovieWeb now reports that Derek Hough, who's best known as one of the performers on Dancing with the Stars is in the running to portray the character of Johnny Castle, famously played by the late Patrick Swayze.

According to the site, Hough is actively campaigning for the part of Johnny Castle, hoping that it will push his career in the same direction as Patrick Swayze. However, producers are said to be interested in Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford and Glee's Matthew Morrison are also being considered.

Speaking of Glee, one of the shows other stars is getting her hat tossed into the fray of cast members as Kenny Ortega and his crew are pushing to cast Lea Michele in the role of Jennifer Grey's Frances "Baby" Houseman. Also on the radar for that potential role are Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Official casting announcements are expected soon!

Casting Scoop: Rose Byrne Joins THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES; Matt Dillon Takes IMOGENE

Source: Movie Web

We have a couple of casting stories for you guys. First up, Rose Byrne (X-Men: First Class, Insidious) has signed on to star in Derek Cianfrance's suspense crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines, replacing Greta Gerwig in the role opposite Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. Rose Byrne will play the wife of a police officer turned politician (Bradley Cooper) who finds himself in a showdown with a motorcycle-riding bank robber (Ryan Gosling). The Place Beyond the Pines began shooting two weeks ago with a release scheduled for sometime in 2013. The film also stars Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta.

Next up, Mireille Enos (The Killing) has snatched up another movie gig, this time the actress is in talks to star in director Ruben Fleischer's period crime drama The Gangster Squad The film already stars starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. Mireille Enos will play Connie O'Mara, the pregnant wife of Josh Brolin's character in the Warner Bros./Village Roadshow film. Not only does Connie keep her husband in line, but she also helps him pick the candidates for the titular squad. Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña, Anthony Mackie and  Emma Stone also star in the film. No production date has been set but this also looks to have its release date set for sometime in 2013.

Finally we have Matt Dillon who will be joining Kristen Wiig and Annette Bening in the indie comedy Imogene. In the film, Matt Dillon plays the eccentric love interest of Annette Bening's character. He claims to be in the CIA, but his behavior suggests he just might be crazy. Kristen Wiig plays a playwright who stages a fake suicide attempt in reaction to the triple-whammy of losing her job, getting evicted and getting dumped by her boyfriend. She hopes to gain sympathy from her ex, but instead is consigned to return to the home of her gambling addict mother (Annette Bening). Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini are directing from a script by Michelle Morgan. Production began this week in New York. No release date has been set. The film also stars Darren Criss (Glee), Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), June Diane Raphael, Mickey Sumner, Christopher Fitzgerald.