Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brian DePalma To Direct His First Film In 4 Years

Brian DePalma has had the definition of a rollar coaster career. While he definetely has had some bigtime highs ("The Untouchables" and "Carrie"), he has also had some pretty low lows ("Bonfire Of The Vanities" and "Raising Cain"). Four years removed from his last disaster, 2007's "The Black Dahlia," DePalma is ready to give it another go. Only this time, he's working with a plot that makes his 1996 version of "Mission Impossible" look as easy to follow as the 1980s cartoon He-Man.
The film, called "The Key Man," is said to be a "throwback to 1970s paranoid films." It will be about a man who is on the run from government agents who have discovered that his body contains government secrets. How and where are these secrets being kept, you may ask? Well, this is all that is all that is being disclosed about the plot so far. Start the speculation now as to how similar to "Bug" Joby Harold's script for this film might be. As bad as some of his work has been, I have not given up on DePalma just yet. This might come out and be hailed as a big comeback. Or, it could put him into hiding once again. As someone who likes a good government/suspense film, I look forward to seeing what he can do with this.

Note: DePalma famously held auditions for "Carrie" at the same time that George Lucas was casting "Star Wars" and was instrumental in helping Lucas cast his film.

Source: Cinema Blend

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