Sunday, February 6, 2011

Due Date Review

Due Date is a comedy directed by Todd Phillips and stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis (that guy from The Hangover) as two guys who take a drive back to Los Angeles and have the adventure of their lives where every conceivable thing that can go wrong does. Every year there always seems to be a movie that takes the simple plot of knucklehead guys entering situations that are so unbelievable that it's sickening and somehow survive while having tons of fun in the process. This yet again is one of those movies but for some reason that simple plot, as hairbrain as it is kinda works. Same can be said about Due Date.

Due Date (as I shake my head in disbelief) was actually pretty  funny and given all the more well received roles Downey, Jr. has been in associated with, to see him in this type of setting and this type of role was kinda cool. Galifianakis known for his role in the film The Hangover didn't have to stretch his acting muscles for this one as both characters were very similar to one another. The two together had a chemistry that at first didn't have a chance of working but throughout the film they actually made it's way to fruition. Most of the action in the film, made for the simple fact of getting a laugh were a little overdone and extremely far-fetched but the majority of the scenes that were actually "laugh out loud" worthy were between Downey, Jr. and Galifianakis.

Jamie Foxx made a cameo in the film for reason's I'm really not sure of but did garner a quickly laugh or two. Michelle Monaghan also made an appearance as Downey, Jr.'s wife and although her scenes weren't that memorable I still enjoyed seeing her in the film for reasons of my own. The film follows Todd Phillip's status quo as most of the movies he has directed follow this same dynamic. Road Trip, Old School and The Hangover just to name a few. That's not necessarily a bad thing because all those movies were funny in their own right but it shows the range or lack there of that Phillips has.

If you want an hour and a half of ridiculous laughs you are sure to get your fare share while watching Due Date. Not that you're expecting much else from a comedy but you'll find yourself laughing at the same things from previous films similar to this one and for a brief second ask yourself is that a good thing or a bad one?

3.5 out of 5 stars

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