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Get To Know... The Reel Scoop

The Reel Scoop is an Entertainment Page made for YOU, the fans of all things entertainment. We tend to focus on movies more than anything given the fact that well -- movies ROCK! I don't think a single feeling measures up to the feeling you get once you've seen a good movie. You feel accomplished. You feel like the person in charge of your movie-going experience listened to your inner thoughts and knew exactly the type of film YOU wanted to see. Given the state that Hollywood is in right now, that feeling comes not as often as it used to but it's one of the best feelings in the world nonetheless.

On a daily basis we here at The Reel Scoop try to provide you with the very best entertainment news whether it be movie updates, television scoop (see what I did there) or info on your favorite actors and actresses. We also try to see what YOU guys like and get a sense of the type of moviegoer you are and things that interest you! We spend a lot of time interacting with you, the fans and we would like to take this opportunity for YOU to get to know US a little better. So this piece is all about us, the guys (and gal -- yes singular) behind the scenes who provide the very entertainment news you've grown to love!

Chris Alston (Page Owner/Creator)

As mentioned right above what I'm writing right now my name is Chris. My love for movies are beyond words but I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever stepped foot inside a movie theater can say the very same thing. Movies are -- my life! And I mean that in every sense of the word. I have a HUGE love and passion for horror movies. My DVD collection is littered with the classics like PoltergeistThe ExorcistA Nightmare on Elm Street, and my absolute favorite horror movie of all time -- HALLOWEEN! The effect that movie has had on me (not in a weird serial killer kind of way) makes me judge pretty much every horror movie I've ever seen since then very closely and few have lived up to that of the John Carpenter classic!

Over the years my love for movies has allowed me to explore a very eclectic realm of movies whether it be of the independent nature or the foreign variety. I use to hate reading subtitles when it came to watching movies and I would automatically disregard any film that decided to use that form of story telling even if it were absolutely necessary. But now movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and REC have grown on me and have opened me up to a lot of different movies I would have passed up on in my earlier years.

Aside from being the movie buff that I am, I tend to watch a lot of TV as well but my list of favorite shows are endless. My absolute favorite though is a no-brainer! 24! Jack Bauer! Kiefer Sutherland! Need a say more! This is probably the only show in which I've never missed an episode. I'm not talking about Tivo Or DVR I mean at 9pm I was on my couch ready for the beeping to begin, ready for my action packed hour of intense drama to consume me! Man do I miss that show! I hope the movie lives up to TV show which will go down in history as one of the Best Television Series in History!

I like a lot of different TV shows just like I like a lot of different movies and that openness I now have for both comes from the fact that Hollywood has all of a sudden (well not really all of a sudden but...) lost its originality! Remake here and a remake there! I mean come on! They are even remaking TV shows (90210, Hawaii Five-0). You guys (Hollywood Execs) are getting paid the big bucks and the best you can come up with is remaking a classic film or any film you can get your hands on for that matter, just so you don't have to put your (very expensive I'm assuming) thinking caps on? It's beyond me.

You have tons of movies that come from foreign countries that are made on a shoe string budget, that are very good and are -- wait for it -- 100 percent ORIGINAL! Hollywood sees that and says to themselves, "I like that idea so you know what, let's pay for the rights and bring the film over here to the states." They don't get any kind of motivation from seeing other great pictures made. They just try to duplicate the success and improve upon it by remaking it. Oh, Hollywood!

Now on my spare time I fancy myself a screenwriter although my daytime profession doesn't allow me to focus on that as much as I would like to. So I'm not one of those people who sits around and complains about everything that's wrong about Hollywood without actually planning on doing something about it. Trust me -- I have plans to do something about it! I created this Entertainment Page/Blog because of my love for movies, my passion for the craft with hopes that there are others out there (like you guys) that have an interest and passion for movies as well. I think I've succeeded.

Well that's all for now. I hope you guys continue to be apart of The Reel Scoop as you are the real backbone of the Entertainment Page! I'll see you at the movies!

Favorite Movie: Halloween, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Favorite TV Show: 24

Favorite Actor/Actress: Matt Damon

Favorite Genre: Horror

Favorite Director: Wes CravenJohn Carpenter

Residing In: Philadelphia

Nicolette Olivier (Contributor)

I’m Nicolette, I have a deep-seeded need for attention, and live for movies, music, filmmaking and screenwriting. In 2005, I established my production company, Polyester Cowboy Productions. In that time I have produced two feature films: The Gordon Stories(2008) available on, and MJ’s Been Here (2009), a variety of music videos and sketches, and eight screenplays ranging in genera from historical fiction to parody. I began blogging with The Reel Scoop in March of 2011, and I love to be able to talk about all things entertainment with like-minded people.

Almost everything else bores me. I dig makeup, nail polish, shoes, clothes and I have the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy. I dislike anything falling under the heading: Romantic Comedy. I have a tattoo, and five piercing in each ear. I keep a detailed spreadsheet of every movie I’ve ever seen, with the eventual goal of getting to one million. I spend my time in unusual ways. I’m obsessed with many British television programs, and have a goal to be a guest on Top Gear, though I know nothing about cars. I have a strong aversion to chest or excessive body hair, spiders, bugs, and zombies.

I love to go to the drive in [theater], and recommend everyone find one in their area and visit it often. I don’t care about news, politics, or religion. I can identify almost any voice within moments of hearing it. I don’t like it when my personal space gets invaded or to be asked for my honest opinion. I’m hard to impress, but easily entertained. I frequently make up my own words. I love to dance, especially while in the car, and I’ll do almost anything for a laugh. I don’t take complements well, and I am a huge Sci-Fi nerd. I curse at inappropriate times, and most all times outside of that. I get grossed-out easily, and change my mind quickly. I am a Gemini. I don’t have a nickname, but I’d like one, and I also like to take photos.

Favorite Movies: The Princess BrideOh Brother, Where Art Thou?The Royal TenenbaumsMidnight Express, 3000 Miles to Graceland, The Outsiders, A Fish Called Wanda, Hollywood Knights, Animal House

Favorite Kind of Music: Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Coldplay, The Killers

Favorite TV Shows: Top Gear, Treme, Bonanza, Danger Man, The Wire, The Whitest Kids U’Know

Lee Nicholson (Contributor)

Hey Reel Scooper's, my name is Lee, and I am from the UK. South Shields to be precise, the birth place of the great Ridley Scott. Not that he ever comes round here, hes too busy with his Aliens and Gladiators.

I am 27, and even though I have no Media background but  like to think of myself as someone who has a grasp of how the movie business and more so , the US TV systems work. Ever since I can remember I have liked the remote control to be in my posession. No one else was ever allowed to have it, for most days and nights, there was some film, or some TV show that I just HAD to watch. Unlike my fellow bloggers, I havent got a particular favorite type of movie, or genre. I just love movies ! Movies to me, but more so the cinema experience, is like pure escapism. No matter what is happening outside, no matter what personal issues you have, once the lights go out and the movie begins, thats it, all those outside issues just drift out of mind, as you are transported to a world of pure joy and escapism.

I have always viewed movies as my get out of reality-card. For me, there is nothing better than watching a movie that has you on the edge of your seat, that can make your palms sweaty as there is that build up of anticipation of what is coming next. Movies rule my life. I feel I have to know everything about everything. If a film that I love does bad at the box office, then I take that personally. Same can be said of my favorite TV show. If it gets canned, its personal!

Just to give you a flavour of who I am, some of my favorite movies of the last 30 years have been HalloweenA Nightmare on Elm StreetInception and The Dark Knight. They are all films that you have heard of but I also like others such as: MilkThe Hurt Locker and Elizabeth.

Over in the Uk, we have a cinema chain that offers you the chance to see as many movies as you want, every month, for a monthly fee. So with me living close to the cinema, I go and see about 4 films every week. I am the ultimate movie fan but who doesnt subscibe to the idea of having a favorite genre, as a movie from a horror genre and a movie from a action genre can have the same impact on me. I also love talking, and discussing movies with people. So if anyone wants to ask me anything about a movie or ask my opinion on something, then I would welcome that very much.

Whenever I comment on The Reel Scoop, I will sign off the comment with 'LN' (Lee Nicholson), so you know it is me. I hope to get to know all the fans better and I hope that you all continue to to enjoy what we are doing for you guys. I'll see you all on the flip side.

Garret Collins (Contributor)

Hello fellow movie lovers! My name is Garrett Collins and I, like you, get deep satisfaction out of watching a good (and sometimes bad) film.

I grew up in California and now live in Nevada, where I went to the University of Nevada, Reno and studied English/Journalism. I have a dying need to write, and do it everyday. From scripts to comic books, my mind is always working and, while I did have one comic book of horror stories published and a script almost made into a film in 2007, success in the field has eluded me since.

Movies I love include Pulp Fiction, Heat, and anything made by Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. Some people find it annoying to watch movies with me, as I tend to go on about what that particular director's first film was and what other directors that particular cinematographer likes to work for. Star Wars still amazes me to this day, and once a year I love to watch the Indiana Jones movies and avoid the boulder with him. I love Lord of the Rings but Harry Potter confuses me. Horror is a love of mine, as Stephen King and Clive Barker books started filling my shelves at 12 years old. I love the oldies, which includes way ahead of their time classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Exorcist. I also love foreign horror like Inside, High Tension, and Frontier(s).

TV is also a love of mine. With reality TV taking up most the airways, I have to look harder for good shows. I love House, like Smallville, and will watch Bones with a smile. When I have moments that none of these shows are on while I'm home, I'll pop in a DVD of my favorite show of all time the X Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a close second. I also like Angel and 24.

I'm a self professed comic book nerd, with my favorite series of all time being Superman. I enjoy going to Comic Con, yet I think studios should slow down on the superhero movies. Once again, I really enjoy writing about entertainment, and like to add a bit of "flair" to my articles and reviews. I look forward to Scooping with you!

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite tv show: X Files (of all time) House (currently on)
Favorite music: While mostly dark symphonic metal usually fills my speakers, I have also been known to pop in a good movie soundtrack every once in awhile.
Interests: Listening to Howard Stern, writing for a living. exercising

Brad Warsaw (Contributor)

Hi! My name is Brad Warsaw, but most people call me Rhoq (pronounced as Rock). I am 35 years old and live in Philadelphia, PA. Any time I am asked to fill out an "interests" portion of a profile I always write the same thing: Music, Movies and Video Games. To be honest, my interest in video games has dwindled over the last 2 years, while my love for film has grown. Music-wise, I am a producer specializing in Freestyle dance music with my own label, Rhoq Solid Entertainment. If you are not familiar with the genre, it was popular in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s. Today it is the focus of many "back in the day" or "flashback" nights.

The earliest movie I can remember seeing was the original Star Wars. It was at a drive-in (remember those?) and I was probably about 2 years old. Of course, I don’t remember the movie itself from that particular viewing, but I do remember the experience. It was the beginning of my life-long obsession with the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

I have a love for nostalgia and grew up during what I feel was the absolute best time to be a kid: the 80s. Needless to say I am in a very happy place right now with all of my childhood fantasies of live-action films based on the cartoons I used to watch when I was kid becoming reality. My favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Horror and Comedy.

I am a bit of gadget guy and am usually the first of my friends to upgrade to the latest tech. I was an early adopter of HD DVD (hey, sometimes early adoption is a gamble) and am now strictly Blu-ray. I recently added a Boxee Box to my living room set-up and absolutely love it. 

Favorite Movies (in no particular order)
Original Star Wars Trilogy
The Princess Bride
National Lampoon’s Vacation
Dawn Of The Dead (Romero)
28 Days Later
Halloween (Carpenter)
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
And so many more…

Favorite TV Shows: I am sucker for sitcoms from the late 70s and most of the ABC and NBC sitcoms from the 80s. More recently, I’ve loved That ‘70s Show, South Park, Community, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, The Office, Glee, Eureka and The Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch many dramas or reality shows.

Favorite Music: Freestyle, Old School Hip-Hop, Metalcore, 80s and Film Scores (absolutely love Clint Mansell, Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard, John Williams and Hans Zimmer)


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