Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Biggest Box Office Bombs

It's no secret that 'Mars Needs Moms' is already considered one of the most underachieving movies in recent years. The movie which had a budget of $150M barely squeezed out $7M in theaters last weekend. Due to this debauchery of soon to be epic proportions, we decided to see what other movies make the list of Biggest Box Office Bombs. Some of the names may surprise you while others -- well they deserved to be on the list.

Most of the movies on this list from the outset had no chance of making any kind of money because well lets face it -- they sucked! Mars Needs Moms on the other hand had the kiddie audience to appease to and still failed miserably. That says a lot more about the people behind these films than the films themselves.

I'm pretty sure the studio execs that get paid these tremendous salaries believe they are the smartest people in the room but us moviegoers are a lot smarter than we're given credit for. When it comes to actually paying for our movie-going experience we avoided these list of films at all costs and I think that makes us pretty damn smart if you ask me.

So enough with my rambling. On to the list shall we...


Film↓Year↓Total cost (production + marketing) (USD)↓Worldwide theater gross (USD)↓Net losses (USD)↓Net losses inflation adjusted (2008 USD)↓
Cutthroat Island1995115,000,00010,017,322-104,982,678-146,947,958
The Alamo2004145,000,00025,819,961-119,180,039-134,784,016
The Adventures of Pluto Nash2002120,000,0007,103,973-112,896,027-134,396,524
The 13th Warrior1999160,000,00061,698,899-98,301,101-125,887,312
Town & Country2001105,000,00010,372,291-94,627,709-115,352,672
Speed Racer2008200,000,00093,945,766-106,054,254-106,054,254
Heaven's Gate198044,000,000*3,484,331-40,515,669-104,542,449
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within2001167,000,00085,131,830-81,868,170-99,798,592
How Do You Know2010120,000,00042,861,997-77,138,003-77,138,003
The Nutcracker in 3D201090,000,000234,928-89,765,072-89,765,072
Treasure Planet2002180,000,000109,578,115-70,421,885-83,833,389
The Postman199780,000,000*17,626,234-62,373,766-83,346,947
Red Planet2000100,000,00033,463,969-66,536,031-82,406,208
Around the World in 80 Days2004140,000,00072,178,895-67,821,105-76,700,771
A Sound of Thunder200580,000,000*11,665,465-68,334,535-74,740,255
Hart's War200295,000,00032,287,044-62,712,956-74,656,332
Hudson Hawk199165,000,000*17,218,080-47,781,920-74,619,989
Adventures of Baron Munchausen198846,630,000*8,083,123-38,546,877-69,286,783
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever200270,000,000*19,924,033-50,075,967-59,612,690
The Scarlet Letter199550,000,00010,382,407-39,617,593-55,454,143
Gods and Generals200360,000,000*12,923,936-47,076,064-54,996,536
The Last Castle200172,000,000*27,642,707-44,357,293-54,072,241
Battlefield Earth200073,000,000*29,725,663-43,274,337-53,596,134
The Bonfire of the Vanities199047,000,000*15,691,192-31,308,808-50,947,847
Nothing but Trouble199140,000,000*8,479,793-31,520,207-49,224,424
All the King's Men200655,000,000*9,450,897-45,549,103-48,603,808
The Avengers199860,000,000*23,384,939-36,615,061-48,156,375
Son of the Mask2005100,000,00057,552,641-42,447,359-46,426,400
Money Train199568,000,00035,431,113-32,568,887-45,587,820
Man on the Moon199982,000,000*47,434,430-34,565,570-44,265,696
The Majestic200172,000,000*37,317,558-34,682,442-42,278,444
K-19: The Widowmaker2002100,000,000*65,716,126-34,283,874-40,813,070
City of Ember200855,000,00017,929,684-37,070,316-37,070,316
Jonah Hex201047,000,000*10,903,312-36,452,283-36,452,283
Mars Needs Moms2011150,000,000*9,014,488-100,000,000-100,000,000

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Failure at the box office doesn't necessarily mean the film is bad, taking the metrics of dollars at theaters, during theatrical release time is only one measurement. What is the best way to account for DVD and Blu-ray sales, video rentals and fees paid by TV stations or TV networks to show these loosers? Taking a look at the list above shows films that bombed financially but, after repeated exposure have become in many peoples minds, classics.